Harsha Stones is a family run business which offers the finest quality natural stone products sourced from across India. The company has been in business since 1988. We pride ourselves on the high level of service to our customers and our impeccable product quality.

The company offers diverse selection of stone including Sandstone, Lime Stone and Slate with numerous different finishes available.

We have our head office and manufacturing facility at Kota, Rajasthan. Our south India factory is situated in the town of Betamcherla , 260 Kilometers of Hyderabad.

Apart from our own productions facility we have very strong relationship with factories who specialize in various products which are not our core products.

We have been in the business for last 23 years, and have built a solid reputation both with our suppliers and our customers. The core values of the business are based on Intrigity and Honest Hard work. We believe in building long term mutually beneficial relationship with our customers.

How we process the orders?


At Harsha Stones, Product Quality is hardwired into the DNA of the company .

We understand that to achieve the highest level of quality, the process has to be started from the source of the product manufacturing cycle. Our quality controllers are stationed at the quarries from where the blocks are sourced and each and every block is checked before being sent to the next step of production.

Our quality is controlled at three levels.

  • At the time of sourcing the blocks
  • During Processing of the tiles
  • When the final product is being packed into the crates.


The following quality parameters are followed -

  • Correct Size – Within the tolerance limit allowed.
  • Color selection as agreed with customer.
  • Surface – Evenness of the surface in case of natural cleft stone.
  • No Chipped Edges.
  • Sturdy packaging.

As Quality is a subjective term , we try and understand the customers requirement at the time of taking the order. When the first batch is produced for a order, we usually send a image of the actual product to the customer for approval. This helps avoid unpleasant surprises at both ends.

Apart from product quality we give great importance to the packaging of the product. At Harsha Stones we understand that it’s important that the product is packed right so that it reaches the final customer without any in transit breakage.

All in all we strongly believe that it’s the overall experience of the customer which defines the quality of the product. It,s a combination of

  • Good product
  • Timely delivery
  • Proper flow of information about the order dispatch
  • Correct documents being sent across on time
  • Willingness to rectify mistakes if things go wrong.

At Harsha Stones, we manufacture and process all our products in house. Our geographical location is one of our biggest advantage. Based out of Kota we are 40 Kilometers from the main mining areas for all the sand stone colors. We buy raw blocks from the quarries which are cut into tiles and slabs by our highly trained staff, who have been working with us for several years.

We have huge stocks of blocks as well as ready pavers which can be shipped immediately.

“It’s what inside that counts” . This is true, but today, how the product is packed is equally important. We at Harsha Stones understand the importance of good packaging. The objective for good packaging are

  • Safety of the product when being transported
  • Ease of handling
  • Pleasing Presentation
  • Branding
  • Protection of the product from the elements in the long run

Over the last 10 years we have managed to evolve our packaging to a higher level. We realize that a excellent product packed poorly will put off the customer and loose it’s value.

All our pallets/crates are produced in-house. Un-like most companies from India we use quarter pallets to pack our stone. The advantage of the quarter pallet is that it holds together better then the conventional full lid pallet and it also gives a better presentation of the product.

The most important point about our packaging is Factory Stuffing of containers. There are two main reasons why we avoid port stuffing of cargo.

  • The crates and also the stone gets damaged when being transported to the port by road.
  • The cargo is stuffed into the containers by contract agencies at the port. As the fork lift drivers are under immense pressure of time, the stuffing of the container is not proper and hence the pallets tend to topple over inside the container.

Once the cargo has been stuffed into the container at our yard we take images of each stuffed container and this is kept in record.

We specialize in delivering all varieties of Indian Sandstone Stone, Lime Stone and Slate. Our aim is to delivery the Quality Product , At The right price, On Time.

To achieve this goal we have ample stock for all the products we deal in. Our trained filed staff are stationed across the country. All the products that we ship are bought to our own yard at Kota in North India and to Betamcherla in South India. Ninety percent of all the cargo that we move is stuffed into the containers at our own yard. This ensures that pre dispatch quality control is effective and the top management knows what is being packed into the containers.

We have good relationship with shipping and forwarding companies and we get the best sea freight for our customers. Even during the peak season when there is a shortage of containers, we can get uninterrupted supply of containers to move the cargo.

We use the following ports to move the cargo.

North India.

Mundra Port , JNPT and Pipavav

South India Chennai Port